About Us

Platinum Stilettos was born out of my passion for encouraging women to be confident and owning their look. Gone are the Beaver Cleaver days where our stilettos only saw the kitchen and the housework.  Today's woman is making the money, taking care of the kids, the husband, voting, and constantly on the go from furthering her education, to working out in the gym to the home, to running her own business, and much more.  However, instead of retiring the stiletto, it has become a symbol of endurance, beauty, and strength, where we are embracing the old and establishing the new.  The old stilettos have now become Platinum Stilettos because women are making their mark on the world with beauty and their own unique style.  No more being told we should be this or that. We are every woman and it is time for us to come together and celebrate the “New Us”. Platinum Stilettos celebrates the shapes, sizes & nationalities of all women. It is time for us to lift one another up, dust each other off and help uncover the beauty, potential, and talent in all women.

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 “Own Your Look!”